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Hacker, Hacker! How to identify the good Hackers, and the bad. (Pay attention Sony!)
18 Dec : 00:48  by admin
Hacker, Hacker, everyone is a hacker. - Anonymous

The word Hacker predates the computer. It means anyone who can solve puzzles, take things apart and or work on things with great complexity.

Today the modern media is awash with stories of Hackers. Often the wrong hacker or group is blamed.

Why should you care?

The difference could be important in your life. A good hacker can be beneficial to your life, business, or even mega-corporation.

A bad hacker can steal your identity, rob your bank account and expose all your secrets.

How to tell the difference.

Good hackers and bad hackers may have similar habits but there are a number of ways to quickly identify risky contacts.

The best way to identify a hacker is to discuss them with your IT people at work and your friends who work on computers, especially friends you have had for a long time.

Sometimes the media can help us identify good or bad groups but they are often wrong. For example, a few days ago the media blamed #Anonymous for hacking #Sony, now they say it was North Korea. Anon and N. Korea are two very different groups!

Other steps for your security.

Other things you should do for general security include; changing passwords regularly, do not discuss dates of birth or other occasions that could be used to gather information on a person. Keep your Social Security number hidden.

We also suggest keeping your financial records, transactions and cards secure. Backups of your data, financial and identification documents should also always be kept in a safe location.

What to get your IT department friends or computer tech for the Holidays.
05 Dec : 00:35  by admin
Sometimes the IT people on your business or life get left off the holiday shopping list, not due to oversight but because no one knows what to get them.

Maybe we can help you with a few thoughts and ideas on that.

Computer Dudes has been in business since 1997 and we work will all levels of IT people, programmers, researchers, and even a few ethical hackers. Here is what we can tell you about shopping for the technical heroes in your life.

Remember your IT person is just that a person and like every other person has their own personality and tastes. So say hello, visit their desk, look them over - what do you see that they may like?

If you still really have no clue here are a few suggestions that should work for most IT people. Something fun, like a desk toy will fit into their world. A puzzle, something hands on like a Rubic's Cube is often enjoyed as a stress reliever by IT staff. Something funny, most techs have a wicked sense of humor.

The Computer Dudes, Inc of Tallahassee, Florida wishes all computer techs, engineers, IT people, programmers, linemen and other types technical workers a very Happy Holiday.

Kindest Regards - Todd. W. Byars
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