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HyperV or VMware? The Computer Dudes, Inc work with both.
19 Jul : 10:41  by admin

The Virtual Machine has become a very important part of the Computer world. As you know, a Virtual Machine is just a software file that runs on a Server - not an actual computer.

The Computer Dudes, Inc. can use both the Microsoft Based HyperV and VMware Server systems. This weekend we did research on loading both Microsoft and VMware Servers. We compared load time, resource allocation, and how "smooth" the Virtual Machines ran for the end user.

We can setup your Virtual Machines and even transfer VMs between the different systems and versions.

As The Computer Dudes, Inc have for years we do our own research. Next weekend we will look at mounting Virtual Machines copied from older computers on current laptops and desktops.

Don't understand what use that could be?

How about this. Done correctly you could make a copy of every old computer you own to run on your current computer. With Virtual Machines, instead of having a "Backup" of old files you have a full and functional Backup of your whole computer.

What can we do for you, or your company, with Virtual Machines, Servers, Websites, Security or any other technology need. We provide On-Site, Remote, Security and Instructional support.

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What are "The Computer Dudes, Inc?" and "What can we do for you and your technology?"
19 Jun : 14:51  by admin
What are "The Computer Dudes, Inc?" and "What can we do for you and your technology?" are two of the most frequent questions we get.

Here are the quick facts:

We are a computer services company with offices in Atlanta, Tallahassee, and Tampa. The Computer Dudes can repair you home or office computers with on-site visits, remote access or remote conferencing technology.

We specialize in Security, Data Backup, Hardware and Servers.

We support all versions of Windows, Mac, and Linux; and work on Droids and iPhones.

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